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DBSCart is our school store solution for districts who want to open a school store, or make their existing options easier.  It will give you the strength and flexibility to sell and manage your inventory from one central location.

Your school store can be online or on-campus or both.  Giving you the flexibility to carry inventory, per-order merchandise from transactions, sell online and on-campus from a single inventory and more.

Browse. Compare. Select. Own.

We are able to customize most everything about your patron’s experience by using your school colors and images, create site layouts, categories and more. With a few clicks, you can create almost any kind of product or item, you may want. Our online store and inventory both communicate, and provide comprehensive reporting showing taxable and non-taxable items.

Point of Sale is touchscreen compatible

DBSCart Point of Sale is touchscreen compatible. You can use this point of sale in your school store on any Windows device.  Touch screen devices mean greater mobility by removing of all of peripheral devices like keyboards and mice giving you more counter space for displays and promotional material.

Scan, Search or Key-in

Reads barcodes/UPC of items adding them to a sales transaction.  You can also search for an item from one web-based database by description, product type, barcode/upc number and then add it to a sales transaction.  If all else fails, your cashiers can enter the product id manually.  This point of sale also gives you the ability to remove items from a sales transaction and update quantity.

Multiple Payment Types Accepted

Your patrons can pay by any combination of cash, check or credit card, student account, gift card.  Credit card information can be swiped in or manually entered. On completion of sale, the system will print a receipt and you have the option to reprint.

Drawer Reports

Your cashier will be able to run sales statistics reports to the screen or the receipt printer that indicates the items sold, the amount of cash and checks collected, and credit card transactions for the day. There are several reports that can also be generated from the inventory system from transactions to changes in inventory.


Need a place where parents can buy spirit wear, keepsakes, electronic/downloadable goods, and more? Our online store solution provides the ability to offer a wide variety of items. We also provide the ability to track purchase history and purchasing trends, and our comprehensive reporting interface allows for individual order detail and specific filtering capability. With DBSCart, parents can browse and select an item based on many different variables (like size and color, for spirit wear), and after a simple account setup, they can experience an online shopping solution that puts their needs front and center.


Need to supply a large selection of size, color, and logo choices for spirit wear? With DBSCart, you can not only let customers select all of these options from a single screen, but you can supply different photos with each choice to allow them to see what their choice looks like ahead of time. Is your school going paperless with textbooks? DBSCart lets you set up and sell downloadable items with minimal effort. You can set items to be available for a certain period of time, or you can list an item as a discount or special item. DBSCart also provides an easy point system and coupon system, so you can let your customers build up rewards or use limited-time offers on products you want them to know about. With DBSCart, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Let us know how we can help you to streamline the process and use the electronic tools available to you from PaySchools.  We can show you how to increase inefficiencies, accuracy and communication.  Give us a call (855) 210-8232 opt. 4 or email us at