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Fee Payment Systems

Collecting payments to schools requires a system.  There are so many options for parents and the community to pay for fees, activities, funds and donations just to name a few.  Some parents want to pay online others want to pay in person or over the phone.  Some want the option to create transactions in person, on the phone and online.  To complicate the process even further, we all want the option to pay with different types as well.

At PaySchools we can help you to get to the best solution for all of these challenges.  Below are the products that can be used together or separately to achieve your goals in streamlining the payment collection process.

PaySchools Central

PaySchools Central makes school payments quick and simple. By putting the power back in the hands of parents, we can make registration and payments easy. Parents never have to worry about their children running out of lunch money thanks to greater control over how and when to pay.

A dashboard-style website clearly lays out all information so parents can see students’ balances immediately. PaySchools Mobile App gives users a feature-rich, enhanced mobile experience to quickly and easily fund accounts with a few taps. The easy account setup requires no credit card so parents are up and running in minutes.  Enhanced Auto replenishment means parents never have to worry about their children running out of money. What does this mean for you? Fewer phone calls to your support staff because the system gives parents greater control for payment options, meal restrictions, site navigation and password recovery; the Help Portal assists users with most issues. (PFI) is a secure web-based system which simplifies payment, collection and balancing of funds for school districts.  PFI is an enterprise solution supporting food service, fees, activities, fund raisers, after school programs and registrations across your district. It enables parents to pay fees and fund accounts quickly and easily online, permitting them to opt into and manage email reminders about their student’s accounts. PFI’s Mobile App allows parents to fund their student’s lunch accounts, see account balances and view their student’s cafeteria purchases for the past 30 days.

PaySchools has been our “go to” electronic payment firm for all District needs. PaySchools successfully collaborated with our technology department, district bookkeepers from elementary, middle and high schools, finance departments and senior management to design and implement the district’s first online electronic payment system, This system enabled the district to accept credit card payments for payments of all student fees. The system was so successful that we have now moved our student lunch payments to PaySchools – Greg, District Contracting Officer

PASS: Pay At School System

PASS the Pay At School System provides the ability to support face-to-face transactions in District, for any student from any school.  It helps schools collects cash, check & credit card payments (PCI compliant) for face-to-face transactions including non-student associated transactions like clubs, and donations. With PASS, your district has the ability to look up student information, read necessary notes, view required fees, and process payments…all while speaking with a parent face-to-face. And because PASS interacts seamlessly with, any fees paid in-person are also automatically reflected online. This gives our districts the ability to accept any payment, anytime, anywhere.

PaySchools helped us implement an online payment system for our summer school classes by creating a summer school “school”, allowing parents to go in and select and pay for summer classes. – Cyndi, Controller

PaySchools Store

PaySchools Store is the solution for districts who want to open a school store, or make their existing options easier. It is both an online store and a point of sale if you need it to be. They both share the same inventory and can be managed at one location. PaySchools Store is like a blank canvas for your district’s needs; with a few clicks, you can create almost any kind of product or item you want to. Display your Spirit wear and other school merchandise like never before. Track your sales and mange your inventory from one convenient secure web-based location. Generate reports and helps you keep track of your vendors and other suppliers.

The staff at PaySchools  has been great to work with and they are willing to assist in any way possible. We are confident that they will continue to meet the needs of the school district and our families in the future years. – Janet, Board Secretary

Local Level

Local Level Events offers an online ticketing, sales and event registration solution for schools.  Easily customizable forms can be ready to publish in a matter of minutes.  Replace paper forms and sending in cash or checks with an easy to use online payment and data collection service.  Offer reserved and general admission ticketed events to students and the public. Utilize unique QR codes to scan tickets and track attendance.  Download all collected data to Excel for flexible filtering and sorting.  Detailed sales reports are available instantly. We can have your event ready in a mater of minutes.  Start selling tickets and managing payment collection for your school events today.

PaySchools helped us get hardware quotes from several vendors, so we could maximize the budget we were given for this project.  With PaySchools’ help we were able to replace approximately 85 obsolete Point of Sale Terminals with new reliable units easily within the budget we were given. – Jason, Assistant Food Service Director

Collecting payments in schools is more than just removing cash and checks from schools.

  • Cash can be,…
    • Misplaced
    • Stolen
    • Applied incorrectly
    • Unaccounted for
    • Another cause for bullying

We ask Teachers, Coaches and Theater Directors to manage cash but are they trained in accounting principles or practices?  Is cash management a worry and time consuming for them?  We do not want to lose good people over honest mistakes.  Let us know how we can help you to streamline the process and use the electronic tools available to you from PaySchools.  We can show you how to increase inefficiencies, accuracy and communication.
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Hume Miller

Mr. Hume Miller serves as the Chief Executive Officer of PaySchools at i3 Verticals, LLC. Prior to starting up PaySchools, Mr. Miller held a sales position for Retail Data Systems with a focus on restaurant point-of-sale. With a long history of POS experience, he also founded a restaurant consulting enterprise. Mr. Miller graduated from Regis College with a double major in finance/economics and business.

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