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ERS- Fund for Excellence

The following items are currently offered by Elk Rapids Schools.

The following items are currently available:

To provide our students with the inspiration to dream and the skills to succeed in an ever changing world, we must continue to invest in educational innovations, opportunities and the people who teach our students. Your donation to Academics will help do just that.
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Arts & Extras
From Zero Hour Jazz Lab, Chamber Choir, National Art Honors Society, Debate Teams, Dance Squad, Drama Productions, P.E., Music, and Art, Elk Rapids has excelled. With your support we can continue to provide these opportunities for our students to learn and grow in ways that text books can't teach.
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Elk Rapids Schools has over 30 athletic teams with something for everyone. Over 60 percent of our high school students participate in at least one sport. Support is needed to help cover equipment, transportation and staffing costs.
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Allocating your donation as 'Unrestricted' means it will benefit the area of greatest need to best serve our students and prepare them to be leaders in the 21st Century.
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