Your integrated K12 payments partner

As your business partner, we only succeed if you do.

PaySchools can provide you with a best-in-class software solution for any need, but the product is only part of what we can do for you. We perform comprehensive installations to ensure smooth start-up and operation, and we pride ourselves on being able to integrate with any software system.



We provide full installation, service and support.

The individuals who perform your installation work closely with our software developers…and in many cases, these developers created the product to begin with. This gives you an installation team with a deep, multifaceted knowledge of the solution you’re looking for.



Education is everything.

One of the advantages to an installation with PaySchools is the easy availability of multiple training and education resources for all of our solutions. By offering training assistance through various means, you can ensure that product knowledge is always on hand for your district and its members.


We offer both on-site and web-based training methods.

On-site training, with detailed walkthroughs and hands-on assistance, is the most efficient way to train you and your staff. For districts with large support departments or districts on a budget, we also offer cost-effective Web-based training, including webinars, remote training, and guided tutorial videos.




When we talk about working with others, we mean it.

PaySchools believes in comprehensive solutions for our customers.  We know that providing the best solution doesn’t happen in a vacuum, so we invest heavily in partnerships with value-add resellers (VAR’s), along with state associations and service providers, across the country.

Have questions? We’d love to answer them.